5 Signs, He’s Losing Interest In You



Number one is passive reciprocation. Whereas at the beginning of the relationship, he was initiating text initiating hanging out.

Now you’re always the one texting him first. Now, where this gets confusing is that when you text him he replies and he’s perfectly friendly.

Maybe he’s even flirty. Maybe he does come to hang out when you, when you ask, but he’s never the one initiating, you’re basically at the point where if you stopped reaching out to him, you’d never hear from him again.


Number two, he’s inconsistent.

One week he’s all in the next, he’s nowhere to be found. It’s possible that he just needs a good ego stroking.

He just likes the validation. That’s why he pops up when he’s feeling lonely or whatever the case may be.

But when a guy really likes you, he’s consistent, he doesn’t do this whole like in and out the type of thing.


Number three, he doesn’t show any interest in you.

I mean, this makes sense. If a guy’s losing interest, then it makes sense that he won’t show as much interest in you and he doesn’t really care about your day, doesn’t really ask you any questions, he just doesn’t really seem to care about what’s going on in your life anymore.


Number four, the relationship stagnates at first everything was building, everything was off to a roaring start, and things were moving along.

Things were going great. But now it seems to taper off or even worse, it seems to be going backward.

He just wants to keep you kind of in this relationship, no man’s land you undefined, you don’t really know what this is, where this is going.

If this is the case, it’s most likely that he’s keeping one ft out the door while he’s exploring his other options because he’s losing interest in you.


Number five. You just know deep down, you already know the truth. Most of the time when people come to me, they already know the answer.

They just wish they didn’t. So if you suspect your guys losing interest in you, it’s probably because he is sorry, the real solution here is to don’t obsess that’s the worst thing you can do.

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