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Your Privacy is very important to us and we mean it.

When we respect this Privacy, we respect first of all us. This is a balance between You and Ecstatic Gathering. We understand/take your personal data and information – such as IP addresses, emails, analytical cookies, google AdSense, google analytics, changes to terms, tracking technology, Names, user locations, Nicknames, or any part of the information that relates to a natural person – very seriously. Ecstatic Gathering is increasingly commonplace where Google AdSense is used. When you see ads for example inside our blog or any data, be sure, it’s verified and protected by Google. With this Text we want to help the visitors to understand how we use technology, to tell you about rights, to describe how we use personal data, and to provide a clear and open side. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your visit to our website it’s a visit with trust and we value that in a transparent manner. If you want to learn more about privacy ->

Ecstatic Gathering does not own the rights to any article, only those articles, and texts that have been published with our own signature. If any of the legal owners do not want their article on Ecstatic Gathering please send us a private message and we will remove it on request. Ecstatic Gathering owns the rights to designs, templates, graphics, texts, ideas, logos on our site, and articles that have been published with our own signature. 

All of the above are protected by copyright. Any duplication, publication, and unauthorized copying obliges to cease and desist, to constitutes and compensation-payment-damages.

The Team of Ecstatic Gathering 

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