The memory of nail-biting tension from director Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi masterpiece still lives to this day. This legendary space horror gave inspiration for many titles to come after, and it still serves as a never-ending source of ideas for years to come.

But, when we talk about aliens, movies aren’t the only thing we have in mind. Many kinks and fetishes came to fruition through pop-culture staples of the 20th-century. Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Alien Covenant all gave the blueprint for stylized porn and erotic content we see today.

Therefore, it’s not strange for most people to get turned on by the prospect of having an alien egg inside them. Some might say that’s weird, but we don’t fall under that bracket. We see ourselves as fairly progressive when it comes to fantasies and sex.

So, feel free to spend some time with us on this H.R. Giger-like journey. Sex and space horror is coming your way!


It’s safe to assume that most people are not aware of this so-called oviposition kink, or as some call it, oviposition fetish. Well, we get it. It all looks pretty damn weird. But, hold your space horses, it’s soon about to get even weirder.

Basically, these alien egg dildos are synthetic sex toys that look like they came straight out of Alien and its sequel Aliens. Bear with us here, sex astronaut! This story is as squishy and sticky as anything else you’ve come across.

These alien dildos serve as some kind of egg depositors, that place a jelly egg inside a cavity of your choice. Both males and females enjoy this fetish, and it’s almost as surreal as Dan O’Bannon himself wanted his script and production design to be when he wrote the before-mentioned sci-fi classic.

With that said, we should talk a bit about these ovipositors we keep mentioning. In biological terms, ovipositors are organs some species use to lay eggs successfully. These long and pointy body parts prepare the egg, transmit it, and place it properly on the surface or the insides of another organism. Kinky as hell!

Some parasitic-like creatures even use the organ as a piercing tool when they transmit the egg to another animal. Thus, making the connection between the xenomorph from the movies and actual insects not hard at all.

Mixing biology and fiction, people developed this obscure alien egg kink. A lot of people commented on what is safe, but there was definitely not enough said. Therefore, let us inform you of the most important facts one should know when dealing with such concepts.


Well, the thing is, people like to replicate the process of being impregnated with gelatin eggs. Don’t worry; egg hatching only occurs in films. Ovipositor sex made a few headlines in the past few years, as people are finally catching up with this trend. Yeah, we know; that’s not strange at all when you consider what it consists of.

Developed by an anonymous Native American who worked a full range of jobs before, this egg-laying kink looks like it has its sights aim for the stars. Without a doubt, this is one of the strangest things people do in their spare time.

Then again, who are we to judge what people find arousing and sexy? Having sex with aliens and insects in your mind never hurt anyone. That’s one thing we’re certain of.

This alien-looking ovipositor for humans is enjoyed by both men and women alike. Inserting these jelly eggs inside their anus or vagina seems to do the trick. Good for them, we might add! Come to think of it, getting pounded by a giant alien dick never seemed so interesting as it is now.

So, if you think that’s sexy, feel free to try it out. It is definitely only going to become more and more of a trend. The safety of it all will increase with years to come. There’s no doubt about it. But more on that later.


These egg scatterers look like giant phalluses a xenomorph would have. They are made out of synthetic materials and have holes on both sides. These holes are used for loading the foreign penis object with eggs and for unloading them inside the human’s cavity of choice.

Of course, the eggs are inserted one by one. There’s no clip full of them, which makes this a bit complicated. But then again, nothing can be perfect, let alone a giant monster space-like dick.

It’s interesting that the inventor once said in an interview that only food, death, and sex sell. He mentioned that he tried food delivery, it, unfortunately, didn’t work; death wasn’t his thing, and he had to settle on the sex thing.

Well, let’s try to be smart here for once. Death and laying alien eggs inside other people’s bodies go together like coffee and cigarettes. It’s like their Siamese twins, one could argue.

But, death here doesn’t come in a negative context. After all, it would be stupid to mix something so macabre as the impending doom we all face sooner or later. This weird tale of slime and gore is only a fantasy. Therefore, no danger is involved in this death-flirting song of oviposition dildos.


We’re sure most people interested in this stuff wonder how safe is all this. Well, let’s be frank. It’s all good if you do it moderately. It is essential to use materials that won’t complicate your health.

Therefore, we’ve come to the quintessential part of this article.

Making eggs is no joke here. Jelly is the recommended material people use for their little bundles of joy. If you’re allergic to gelatin, we definitely don’t recommend that you do it too. Try to find an alternative. There’s certainly something you could use that won’t hurt your body.

But, back to the gelatin. Those who use it prefer it because it relatively easily dissolves inside the human body. The temperature of your anus or vagina is high enough to melt them completely. One can think of them as gummy bears and how they quickly disappear inside your mouth.

Also, let’s not forget that people sell eggs online. Hence, if one’s not sure how to mold and make them, buying online is the best option out there. Of course, you’ll get all the info on the materials used, so there’s a guarantee of no complications.

As the mind behind the brand said, don’t worry if you get it so far up your hole. If you can’t get it out, it will only melt inside after a brief while.


Using this toy is no science. It’s designed for everyone who’s looking for weird and obscure fun. There’s no need for special training here, the idea behind it all is pretty basic. Load the alien dick with eggs, insert the phallus inside the desired hole, play with it until the egg slips inside the cavity.

Okay, this does sound lazy, so we’ll be a bit more specific here. After all, we’re handling sensitive subjects here. Let’s go for it, shall we?


Firstly, you should decide what kind of egg you want to be inserted in you. As we’ve said, different people are allergic to different materials. Thus, making sure you won’t get health complications is imperative.

Once you’ve checked what works for you, imagine the perfect shape you would like inside your body. You can use your mind as well as looking at sci-fi movies, comics, or other paraphernalia that can serve as inspiration. Make it work with the ingredients you have, test if it fits the tube (alien dildo), and you’re ready to go.

Also, if you’re not quite good with your hands and crafting objects, go online and see if there’s one selling there. The internet’s full of bizarre stuff, it’s bound to have something available just for your liking.

After you’ve successfully molded the egg, or bought it online, insert it through the lower entrance. If it fits, you’re ready to plow! Start having fun with it. There’s nothing we could come up with that you haven’t thought about before.

We should only mention that there’s no point in hurting yourself. Be careful; it’s still a new kink, after all.

Feel free to release the egg from the dildo when you think it’s the perfect time for the alien to fertilize you. It’s not like it has to happen fast or slow. Imagine your favorite scenario. It’s all in your hands and head.

Depositing eggs can get a bit messy, there’s no denying it. As such, you’ll probably want to reduce the “damage” caused by the big bad alien-like creature. We suggest you make a plan before you start the act of your xenomorph fantasy.

Make sure that you cover your couch with nylon, for example. Be prepared to get squishy and wet with this beast. Also, think about the material of the dildo, as you surely don’t want to damage the toy. Afterward, you should clean it: There are a fair bit of infections to have if you don’t take care of your toys.

Again, be sure to check if you’re allergic to materials used for making the eggs and also for the making of the toy itself. Patience and precision are virtues to have while dealing with such delicate acts like xeno-fantasies.


What could we possibly suggest to a person who’s gone through all the trouble of buying such a toy? Well, not much, that’s for sure. But, then again, we can try! One should definitely have a compact story in their head, a clear vision of the time and place the act plays out.

For example, maybe the alien is not hostile towards the user. Maybe it’s sentient, and the two of you have a relationship. A certain connection only the two of you can understand. It can certainly be love.

On the other hand, maybe it’s a rape scene. Maybe you’re on board the USCSS Nostromo, and you’re playing Ripley in your head. Only, this time, she doesn’t get away from the monster. The xenomorph gets her and starts having fun with her body.

Lastly, we should say that you feel free to try different stuff with your body. No one should judge you. It’s your right to be whoever you want. Stay safe, and don’t let the space bug bite!


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