How to Beat your Monday Blues

 Simple Ways To Beat Your Monday Blues

Go to bed early on Sunday night. Your body will thank you for it. It's important to prepare for sleep using a helpful bed-time routine such as having a warm bath and limiting blue lights which often radiate from mobile phones and tablets. If you really have trouble sleeping, I'd recommend you see your physician for some advice. However, to learn more helpful tips about sleep, my favorite specialist is Dr. Michael J. Breus—aka The Sleep Doctor.

Plan your Monday schedule, as it’ll help you to feel more in control. Remember to incorporate time in your day for a proper lunch—even better if it’s with a colleague you get on with. If you find yourself feeling stressed, take a quick 5-minute break to practice being mindful. Focus on your breathing and allow thoughts to float in and out. 

Meet a friend and have a good laugh! If you’re lucky to have some money left after Christmas, go for a Monday night supper with a friend—better yet, one you haven’t caught up with since Christmas, and have a really good laugh about all the silly stuff that happened over the holidays.

Burn some energy. Hit that gym class, running track, pool, or walk until you feel just a little bit better. The endorphins our body produces are our natural anti-depressants and will help boost your moods.

Don’t pressure yourself. If you don’t fancy doing any of these, then don’t do it! Do something instead that you’d actually enjoy. There’s always Tuesday. It might be a much better day anyway!

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