3 Signs You Are Good at Being Alone


Are you tired of your family accusing you of living like a recluse?

Are you the “weird one” who dodges social gatherings in exchange for quality time alone?

If you ever had doubts about whether solitude serves you, here is your confirmation:

It Keeps You Sane.

You can’t think of a better way of spending quality time than on doing what you love.

It is a confirmation of your superpower: self-love. And self-love is the ultimate state of creating your dream life because it fuels the belief that you deserve the good stuff in your life.

When you are alone, you feel safe.

When you are alone, you feel comfortable.

When you are alone, you recharge your batteries.

Trying to keep others happy, make people laugh or boost their egos take a lot of energy.

Solitude is vital for your mental health and well-being.

A moment for yourself allows you to reflect on life and tune into your emotions. Knowing what keeps you happy and what activities drain you, makes you better at managing yourself.

It doesn’t mean you run away from people. It means you value quality.

You cherish meaningful conversations where you can hear one another.

You appreciate exchanging ideas and inspiring one another. Superficial small talks don’t allure you anymore. You see no reason to talk just to be heard.

Until you meet somebody for who you want to give up your solitary evenings, you are good at enjoying your space.

It Makes You Confident.

When you commit to spending quality time alone, you feel better prepared to face the world later on.

Once you are alone, you have the time to invest in yourself, do the things that build you up, instead of using up your endorphins. Happiness makes you magnetic.

Time spent alone can be some of the most productive periods in your life  with fewer distractions, you can focus on things that rock your boat forward.

Solitude promotes self-growth. When you commit to your priorities, you are focused on achieving your goals. And success makes you confident.

It may sound counterintuitive, but enjoying alone time makes you attractive to others.

Because you are good at being alone, you acknowledge your feelings and the total package of “self”. You don’t suppress your emotions, but discover who you are and who you can become.

What can be more attractive than self-acceptance?

You Keep It Simple.

Your peace of mind is your priority. You stay away from people who complain and entertain drama in their lives.

You have no tolerance for the toxicity that comes from creating a problem where none ever existed in the first place.

In the past, you might have enjoyed it. You might have stirred it up a bit.

Now, you get to recognize those people who see the world through problematic lenses.

You no longer see lack, but abundance everywhere you go. And abundance means simplicity.

Abundance feels like there is nothing more to add because you are content within, just the way you are. It is not laziness. It is self-awareness. You no longer fear that you are missing out.

Instead of going out, you prefer reading an inspiring book, watching the sunset and enjoying a cup of tea.

Being alone makes you self-aware. And self-awareness is the key to finding your purpose.

If you feel comfortable being alone, you are a gem. Not many people can afford that luxury.

Instead of felling guilty for craving alone time, embrace your superpower.

A comfortable relationship with yourself is your biggest investment.

After all, the relationship with self is here for a lifetime, so you might as well learn to enjoy it.

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