George Michael made £55,000 a day beyond the grave in 2023


George Michael made £55,000 a day beyond the grave in 2023 with accounts revealing £20m profit - before Christmas number one and Netflix documentary success

George Michael made an eye-watering £55,000 a day beyond the grave in 2023.

The Wham hitmaker's company Nobby's Hobbies Holding Limited Account filed their accounts on Monday, with the latest figures revealing it made a staggering £ 20 million pre-tax profit.

George passed away on December 25 in 2016. The singer died aged 53 from natural causes, stemming from dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and a fatty liver.

Earnings rolled in the period of 12 months ending in March 2023 with £ 20.6 million in publishing income, £ 2.5 million in record royalties, and an extra £600,000.

George's company made a gross turnover of £23,777,223 in 2023 - this is nearly £ 2 million more than 2022 figures of £21,942,692.

The earnings come before Wham! scored the Christmas number one with the single Last Christmas.

The 1984 perennial favourite, penned by George, topped the charts in the past, but never in the last week before Christmas.

It was denied the top spot in the year of its release by Band Aid's barnstorming Do They Know It's Christmas?

A documentary on the band, by band member Andrew Ridgeley, was released on Netflix in June to mark their 40th anniversary.

Fans said they were left with 'goosebumps' after watching the 'beautiful' documentary which featured a wealth of unseen material.

One of its producers, Simon Halfon, says his team spent over two years digging for footage and audio.

After Wham! made number one, Andrew said George would be 'beside himself' to know that Last Christmas finally got the Christmas number one.

Upon receiving the news, Andrew, 60, remarked that he and his bandmate - whom he nicknamed Yog - had always measured their success in Wham! by chart positions and how it had been such a 'disappointment' to them both when it stalled at number two.

He told Official Charts: 'George would be beside himself after all of these years to finally obtain.

'Yog and I perceived music largely in the sense of the Official Charts. We always contextualized our success by our chart success.

'It was a huge disappointment to us both when it didn't reach No1 because, in our opinion, it was nailed on.

'Had it not been for Band-Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas? it probably would have been No. 1. '

Andrew went on to add that the new feat would be the 'crowning glory' for the 1980s duo as he noted the song was always intended to be number one in the first place.

He said: 'It'll mean a lot to Wham!'s legacy, it's the crowning glory. Last Christmas was conceived as a Christmas No1. Lofty ambitions, but Yog set lofty ambitions for himself as a songwriter.'

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