10 Websites that will make you Rich in 2024



1. AI Website Templates: Design and sell templates.
2. Website Building Services: Assist in AI website creation.
3. Affiliate Marketing Pages: Generate landing pages with AI.

 Gamma AI

1. Generative AI Models: Train and sell AI models.
2. Content Creation Services: Offer personalized content.
3. AI App Monetization: Monetize a unique app.


1. TaskRabbit Services: Earn on TaskRabbit platform.
2. Micro-Task Agency: Manage, take a cut.
3. TaskRabbit Automation: Develop task automation tools.


1. Online Course Sales: Sell educational courses.
2. Educational Consulting: Assist in online learning.
3. Membership Community: Establish a paid community.


1. Disposable Email Services: Sell temporary email addresses.
2. Email Verification Tools: Develop verification software.
3. App Integration: Enhance app security.

Codium AI;

1. VS Code Extensions: Develop and sell extensions.
2. Coding Assistance Services: Provide coding suggestions.
3. Coding Tool Platform: Create a tool-sharing platform.

 Monster API;

1. Job Search Tools: Develop targeted search apps.
2. Resume Optimization: Optimize resumes.
3. Career Coaching Platform: Provide career advice.


1. Chatbot Development: Build and sell chatbots.
2. Maintenance Services: Optimize existing chatbots.
3. Marketplace for Chatbots: Create a chatbot marketplace.

 Text Blaze

1. Text Snippet Sales: Sell text snippets.
2. Productivity Coaching: Teach tool efficiency.
3. Content Creation Platform: Build a writing platform.


1. Loyalty Program Sales: Sell loyalty programs.
2. Consulting Services: Offer program consulting.
3. Marketplace for Loyalty Programs: Create a program marketplace.

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