How To Stay Consistent

I am the most inconsistent person you will ever meet. And that is why you should listen when I say  I know what helps maintain consistency.

Other than immediate deadlines, what else pushes a person to complete their task? If you do complete that task today, how do you make sure you do it long enough to see the desired results?

The steps are very basic and general. You must have heard of them here and there. But you don’t give any importance to those things, right? It’s not even your fault. Happened to me as well. We all like to think that we are better than others. Even though some of our habits are below average, we don’t admit that, do we?

What I have seen from my previous patterns and from observing people around me is that nobody plans. Due to the tendency to believe that we are better than others, we say things like “jo hoga dekha jayega” (we’ll see whatever happens).

I used to say this a lot. That’s how I spent my entire school and college life. Without any planning. Without any goal.

So, trust me when I say, “ab jo ho raha hai vo dekha nahi jaa raha”. (The things happening now cannot be ignored).

You need a goal, and you need a plan to achieve that goal.

I can’t make things any clearer than this.

Don’t make a long-term goal if you aren’t sure. Just make a goal for today and follow it up with a plan. The plan should be something you can act on right now, immediately. And the first 3 steps should be super easy. That will help you get momentum. Don’t ignore the power of momentum, okay? Because when you are in that state, things will happen automatically. If the momentum breaks, it will be difficult to stay consistent because then you will be easily distracted by either external or internal forces.

Get into the habit of goal setting and planning. Even for the smallest of things. That will help build discipline, momentum, and consistency — all in one.

Start with the basics because that’s what needs repairing. Once the foundation is strong — nothing will ever be too difficult to accomplish. Because nothing ever is a lot. Even the biggest of things are accomplished by small, consistent efforts.

For example — I have been meditating and doing yoga every day for 21 days now. And you know what? It feels good. It’s a 90-day challenge that will help build consistency. This way, I will show myself that I can be consistent with proof.

Once I am in that momentum, I will add more things to my to-do list.

What you don’t have to do is — be vague.

Let’s say I said, I will write a blog today. That’s super vague. When I do this, chances are I will most probably scroll reels for hours.

But when I say — I will go to the library, write a 100-word intro for a client article, then do 1 mains-level reasoning question, follow it up with 20 error detection questions, reply to comments on Medium, research about Substack, and more…..

You get the point, right?

Chances are — now I will complete all this. Maybe not in the same order, but things will get done.

That’s what’s important.

And that’s how I try my level best to stay consistent. But I still fail, okay? So these are not some secret magic potions that will make you consistent like a robot. Do you know why? Because you are not a robot. You are a human, and it’s very human to get distracted.

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