How I Left My Comfort Zone


I’ll be forever grateful for 2023. It’s the year I’ve come out of my comfort zone and tried different things. 🌻

Or I can say I finally started all the things that I had my eyes on for a long time.
Here’s how my 2023 went till now.

📅 In January, I started learning Notion and creating templates. I started giving away my template for free and building an audience.

💫 It helped me with building my email list. Right now, I have an email list of 4500 subscribers.

💗 In March, I started posting on Twitter. And it got me so many things. I find a very amazing community and people on Twitter. Right now, I'm close to hitting 2k followers on Twitter.

🧩 In April, I started writing on Medium; I wanted to have 100 followers on Medium. After trying for 1 month, I didn't get any results, but somehow in August, my one story went viral, and I got around 100 followers with that. Now, I’m close to hitting 200 followers here, and I also got my first sale from Medium.

🟡 In May, I did my first product hunt launch; the first time I came across PH was in Jan 2023. That time, just a thought came to my mind: Is it possible to launch my product there and come into the top 10? It was a dream at that time.

Now I've 5 budge of top products.

In June, I just enjoyed building my template and good revenue.

💡In July, I finally launched my Etsy shop. I thought I couldn’t get a sale on Etsy for at least 1 month. To my surprise, I got a sale in under 24 hours.

🌼 In August, I finally purchased a Hosting and started my blog. Making a website is a difficult task for me, but as the main point is to get out of my comfort zone, so I will do it.

But why I’m telling you this is because if you do not start, you’ll not get it. To succeed, you need to get out of your comfort zone. All the above things have been on my wishlist since I started freelancing in 2021.

But I thought I could never get 100 followers on Twitter; no one would buy my product, no one would read my Medium Blogs, and no one would buy from a new shop from Etsy.

But I was wrong. You just need to start and go with the flow. The world is big, and you always have a chance to make it big.

And I'm happier that I finally decided to come out of my cell and start doing it to just thinking.

Now it’s your turn.

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