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Owls & Eagles, a two piece psychedelic doom band from Calgary Alberta releases their debut album Patience Vol. 11and stream in ita entirety via Doomed & Stoned.
The album released on June 1st through Moments Records.

This album is a concept album, its taken us 2.5 years to get it out.

Produced and engineered by Jamie K at Prohibitor Studios Calgary.

Artwork by Broken Wing Visual Media

Our story starts with Patience realizing her home has become poisoned by hate, greed, and corruption. She makes a choice; she chooses to leave this place she has called home since birth. For once in her life, she sees everyone for who they really are, liars, cheaters, destroyers, killers of the land, pure evil at its fullest. She leaves and never turns back.

The album recently premiered via Doomed & Stoned. Check out the feature here:

The album can be purchased through all major platforms as well as the bands Bandcamp page. it's
Owls & Eagles are:
Mark Russell - vocals/drums
Ross ferguson - guitar/vocals

Connect with Owls & Eagles:


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