Ukrainian psych rock band

Risin Sabotage are set to release their new album "Macabre" June 2, 2023.
The album was written during the time of the global pandemic and mastered during the currently ongoing war in our country, Ukraine.
These events have definitely affected the sound and, as a result, the title of this album.
The release features nine songs that tell nine stories. Some of them put you in the atmosphere of today’s horrors, and others help you escape them.

Kyiv based Risin Sabotage slams with heavy psych and desert rock since 2015.

In the quest for a new sound the music is giving the best of desert rock, heavy psych, stoner and doom.

Risin Sabotage's fuzzy riffs and grooves inspired by the sounds of 70's astound with the incredible energetic performance.

The band recently premiered their first track from the album via The Obelisk which can be found here:

The track can also be purchased through the bands Bandcamp page here:

Connect with Risin Sabotage:

Connect with Interstellar Smoke Records:

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