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The band says: “Though we’ve been active in the metal community most of our careers, we all have a love of punk rock, and this band has been such a fun outlet for that. The first record “Hombres” combined our love of Bad Religion, the Offspring, Pennywise, and NOFX, with the aggression and intensity from years of playing metal. On “Skin”, we further honed in the sound, expanding our melodic catalogue, and incorporated more hooks. The whole record is a scorcher and we needed the right artwork for it. And we certainly got it. We are pleased to present to you, “Wild Out”, the first glimpse into FORE 2023 and beyond.”

“Skin” strikes its listener from first glance. Once your eyes set on the gorgeous artwork done by Abbie “Stabby” Rial (and yes, it absolutely may or may not be a spoof of a superb Swedish grind album…), you will be sucked into the tractor-beam of blazing guitars, acrobatic bass, stampeding drums, and the masterful blanket of harmonious vocal arrangements. Clocking in at 29 minutes, “Skin” offers up a refreshing slab of melody-fueled hardcore punk.

The group, which is now a power-trio, features Brian “The Canadian Glenn Hughes” Stephenson (Umbilicus) on vocals and now handling bass duties, Jeramie Kling (Inhuman Condition, Venom Inc) on drums, and Taylor Nordberg (Inhuman Condition, Deicide) on guitar.

“Skin” was recorded at Smoke & Mirrors Productions, where it was mixed by Jeramie Kling, and mastered by Taylor Nordberg. Video cut by Jeramie Kling.

The video recent can be found here:



“We’re all just wearing skins.”

The first single from the album, “Wild Out” will be out April 28th, along with the track-listing and pre-order information. In the meantime, FORE’s debut album “Hombres” is available at forepunk.bandcamp.com




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