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Canadian death/thrashers Invicta unleash "The Mornings Light" video!​
Invicta unleash their latest single "The Mornings Light" with lyric video from their highly anticipated upcoming album Triumph And Torment. Check out the video here on the Sublevel Records YouTube channel:

The video recently premiered via Bravewords and the feature can be found here:

Stoked to have Bravewords premiere our new single "The Morning’s Light"
This song was inspired by the legendary X-Men villain Apocalypse so we wanted to make the music feel as powerful and evil as him! We had a lot of fun working out the parts to this song and recording it and love how it came out in the end. Make sure you crank it! - Kyle
SubLevel Records is proud to announce the new Invicta album Triumph and Torment, which will be released on March 31st, 2023. Invicta guitarist/vocalist Kyle Edissi comments: "Our goal while writing and recording this record was to make it sound Vicious and Triumphant. We wanted each song to channel the villainous vibes that inspired it. We really challenged ourselves and feel that this is a big step beyond our previous material, while staying true to the Invicta sound. I am really proud of this album, and I am really proud of the band and everyone involved in its creation. ‘I was God... and yet, I was unchanged. I was not one with the universe. I was not content.’"

Triumph and Torment includes 10 tracks of vicious and melodic Death/Thrash fit for a battle in Hell. Featuring Heathen touring guitarist Kyle Edissi on guitar and vocals, Invicta is a force to be reckoned with, delivering the killer tracks "Forces of Annihilation" and "Sinister Obsession" in their quest for total Metal domination. If you're looking for a cross between Revocation, Kreator and Iron Maiden, look no further. Get your copy now! Watch the first video for the latest single "Sinister Obsession" on YouTube now:

Pre-orders start right now for the Triumph and Torment CD + T-Shirt bundle, jewel case CD, and t-shirt. All CD and t-shirt pre-orders include a link to download the album as MP3s. CDs and shirts will ship on March 31st. Featuring amazing artwork by Par Olofsson (Exodus, Aborted, Abysmal Dawn) and a 12 page full color booklet with all of the lyrics, the CD is a must have. Get yours now:

If you're looking for WAV or FLAC lossless files, I have those as well:

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