Gothic Metal Band Malacoda Unleash


Malacoda started off as Lucas Di Mascio's recording project in 2014. With each release the band explored a different side of heavy songwriting, but kept one rule at the forefront: keep things dark but always dynamic.

After a short hiatus brought on by the 2020 pandemic, the band is back and is eager to showcase a new direction - both aeshtetically and sonically.

A sampling of what's to come will be unveiled shortly....

Malacoda's latest release is a reimagining of a section of the epic track "Our Special Place" off of their 2018 release "Restless Dreams". Taking a section of the 12+ minute song and turning it into a self contained 3+ minute track was a natural decision. the lyric video recently premiered via Metal-Rules and the feature can be found here:

"We were looking for tracks we could add to our live set and we all really liked the original Our Special Place- but it being over 12 minutes long meant we'd have to get rid of other songs that we enjoyed playing. We took our favourite part of the track, the first section of the song, and turned it into it's own track. We re-recorded everything and gave it a bit more production value- we can't wait to play this one live."

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