Five Rules for Life


Don’t go to bed angry

Although this list is in no particular order, this certainly belongs near the top of the list of significance. The basis of this rule finds its roots in perspective — in your ability to take a step back and evaluate a scenario, evaluate your own feelings without allowing negative emotions to get in the way.

This applies to anything and everything you may become enraged by, or even ever-so-slightly worked up over. Examples include but are not limited to a meaningless squabble with your significant other, your toddler drawing on the wall with a sharpie, your colleague's less-than-superior work ethic, the state of our nation … you get the picture.

Each morning is an opportunity for a fresh start a new beginning but, not if you fall asleep while mulling over the situation that has you in a mental frenzy. That nonsense is carried with you into the next day.

If you get into an argument with your wife tell her how much you love her and figure it out, together the argument was (likely) arbitrary at best in the first place. Your kid’s permanent marker artwork on the wall? It can be painted over. Discuss the issue behind their behavior and kiss them goodnight. These things need to happen before your head hits the pillow.

Why? Because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. For you, or for them. Each day on this earth is a blessing of its own. What if this day is the last you’ll spend with them? And you choose to cap it off in a fit of anger? Why would you do this to yourself?

Always say “I love you”

I mean, always. When you wake up, before you fall asleep, when you get home from work and when you’re walking out the door. When you feel on top of the world, and when you’ve never felt worse.

This is so important.

As just previously stated life is precious, and the fate of tomorrow is unknown. Sharing your adoration for another be it your spouse, your children, your parents, or your best friend is a must, due to the uncertainty of life itself.

This one is simple. If you love someone let them know and do it often.

Treat your body well

You only get one. One trip on this planet. One life. One body. And so, why wouldn’t we treat our bodies well? The converse argument, of course, is by the use of the same phrase: “You only get one.” Many will proudly exclaim: “If I only live once, I may as well live it up!”

I’d be lying If I said that mindset was never that of my own  because it was. It was not all that long ago that I myself would happily indulge in processed junk and sugary drinks — for breakfast. And exercise? Forget it.

I’ve since come to understand and appreciate the value in taking care of the “meat vehicle” provided to us to our heart, mind, and spirit — to live out this life. I still eat ice cream, and I still take the occasional day off from running. However, the state of my body and mind remains at the forefront of my conscious mind.

I live by the notion that “something is better than nothing.” Meaning that running one mile is superior to not running at all. Cutting your complex-carb intake in half is a far better alternative to maintaining your current level of consumption. Taking steps toward a healthier body is much simpler than it’s been made to believe if made a priority.

Always learning

I don’t know everything, about anything. And neither do you. We never will. So, why not approach each scenario in life as an opportunity to learn? Seems like a no-brainer, to me.

In adolescence, I believed that I had it all figured out. As I’ve many times mentioned, this was far from accurate and it has taken a good deal of time to convince myself of this  that I was in need of a significant shift in mindset.

Due to my initiation of a said mindset shift, each day above ground now serves as an opportunity to learn something new and grow the database of knowledge available within my own mind on any given subject. Any conversation, book, article, podcast, or life scenario affords you the ability to grow your mind intellectually, philosophically, and otherwise.

Some of the most profound lessons I’ve learned have come from the most unassuming of places. From a man who spoke a dozen english words at most and from the woman who cut my hair just one time while I was in college. From some of the worst books I’ve ever read and from the most atrocious of social events. The opportunities for growth are endless, so long as you’re not too stubborn to acknowledge them.

Family First

A non-negotiable. Particularly as I begin a family of my own. My wife, and my daughter are at the peak of my priority list — as is morally just. Other pieces of my life have a stronghold on my mind and soul, of course, but none greater than my family. Their needs are first in line, regardless of the circumstance.

Becoming a husband and a father are my two greatest accomplishments thus far in my (rather) young life. Fulfilling these two roles has changed me, in the best ways possible. It has changed the way I think and the decisions I make, It has changed my schedule and most certainly my priority list. Changes that are often demonized and cast as catastrophes to “life as you knew it,” have provided such tremendous joy to my life, and can to yours as well.

Your life should begin to take form around time with family, not the opposite. It’s not a difficult concept to comprehend. The ones who love you most — they come first. No exceptions.

Here’s a few more:Don’t complain

Complaining serves no real purpose, aside from causing unnecessary stress and angst within your own mind and body it’s toxic. Take life as it presents itself, and control what you can control. If it’s out of your hands, it should be out of your mind, as well. Wake up early

“Early” is relative, and dependent upon your schedule as it currently exists. Most importantly; don’t wake up 15 minutes before you need to head out the door for the day. Get up, do something productive exercise, write, read, clean, etc. then begin your day. Write down your goals

Offering ourselves this level of visualization is a superpower. A sticky note on the bathroom mirror, or my current practice: sticky notes on my computer monitor. Set goals, and prime your environment to reduce friction in reaching those goals.

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