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AS DEPECHE MODE ready themselves for a North American tour in support of their new album, Memento Mori , they stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform the album’s lead single, “Ghosts Again.” Martin Gore played the song’s melancholy melody on a hollow body guitar until singer Dave Gahan, dressed in a sparkly blazer and with glitter around his eyes, started crooning the song’s lyrics all leading up to the chorus, “We’ll be ghosts again.” Drummer Christian Eigner gave some added swing to the song’s rhythm, while multi-instrumentalist Peter Gordeno had the heavy job of performing all of the song’s keyboard parts, as Gahan shimmied.

The tour marks the first time the band has gone out since the death of Andy “Fletch” Fletcher. When asked if Fletch’s death made Gore and Gahan second-guess the title Memento Mori – Latin for “Remember that you must die”  Gore said no. “It cemented it,” he said.

Gahan recently told The New York Times that “Ghosts Again” was the song that made him want to work on Memento Mori in the first place. He’d had reservations about working on something new with Depeche Mode since he has more freedom outside of the band but Gore’s demo changed his mind. “I was like, ‘I can’t wait to sing this song,'” he said.

The tour launch tomorrow night in Sacramento, California is unusual for the group since they haven’t started a world tour in North America in years. “I can’t remember the last time we started in America if we ever have,” Gore told Rolling Stone. “I’m sure we did at some point, but it just seemed like something different to do.” The first round of dates runs through April, when they wrap with a gig at New York’s Madison Square Garden. They return to the U.S. in September with dates that run through December.

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