A Matter of Vulnerability


I’m plagued by it
As if the bulbous were crawling
From my legs to my throat
Slithering ants across my skin
Yet, in the darkest twilight, it becomes a lamp
Bioluminescence without color yet
an allure as powerful as a galaxy strewn across
the form of your body of that insatiable
Eternal desires I once carried alone.

I hold it, a jewel so rare there
Will be raiders just across the sea
Waiting to take it from me as the moon
Watches with licentious crater eyes.
I know these dying roads
Are not my home
yet I walk them,
tattered leather soles
and an empty, hopeless pack.

But how hard it is to leave
to tumble forward or fall back
Even misery behind when it was
Such comfort in dark times. Yet here I am
Dreaming of sea foam blue kisses and
A place without memory to come
Home to. And I’m no longer just
A shadow whispering poetry
To the ghosts of yesterday
I’m a skeleton staring off into
faraway lands, afraid.

Yet I dread
Yet I’m timid
Of these words
These feelings
Thunder without rain
Of taking off the shackles
That hung around my ankles for so long
That this world seems like a dream
A second sky of longing
A place of vulnerable flowers swaying
Reaching out of cracked earth
Reaching out

To you.

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