Characteristics of self-sufficient people


One of the important characteristics of a strong person is being self-sufficient. There are four tips I observe and try to imply my life. I myself saw progress in my life after paying attention to these tips. If you want to be a more self-sufficient person, I believe you can also benefit.

1. Be at peace with loneliness

Being peaceful with loneliness is harder in united societies. I am a Turkish girl, and I live in one of these societies. People especially family members honored when someone needs their help. You unintentionally end up in an unhealthy relationship where you can’t do most things on your own.

However, not needing others is very important to be self-sufficient. Of course, human needs human. Life does not pass alone, but always needing someone is a deficiency. We will have family, friends, and lovers in life, but there will be times when we have to be alone. We must know how to be alone in those times. Every time we stumble, we need someone. If you always act like you need someone, people will act like you are needy.

Don’t be ashamed of loneliness! Do not be ashamed to do something alone, to spend time with yourself. I rarely went out without my friends. Now I’m not waiting for anyone for anything. If I want to drink coffee, I don’t need anyone to accompany me.

2. Be realistic

Self-sufficient people are realistic. You have to accept that no one in your life is perfect. That everyone can make mistakes and that everyone is selfish. If you act with the thought that one always thinks of me when you establish a relationship with someone, you will be disappointed.

You won’t be sorry if you live with the fact that everyone can choose themselves over you. You can say that’s the way people are and move on with your life. Being prepared for such events will help you take less material and moral damage. Because all the behavior of people is now natural for you.

3. Be confident

Confidence is a broad subject that I want to talk about deeper later. Confidence comes to me in two ways,: first believing in myself, and second daring to try. Self-sufficient people have both these characteristics.

Let’s look at the first one; people who believe they can overcome difficulties are successful in life. Fortune telling comes into play at the point where we say we can’t do it. Moreover, you can’t because you haven’t tried. It’s failing at something you’ve never tried. I have touched on this subject in two previous posts. If you are interested they are:

Courage to try is another quality we must have. When something comes to your mind that you want to do, you have to take risks and try something. Once you see what you can do, your courage will rise. You deserve in life by gradually increasing the difficulties. You will achieve success and with it self-confidence.

4. Be kind to yourself

Sometimes we are cruel to ourselves when we make mistakes. It makes you feel like you are taking a person you are ashamed of that you do not want with you. If you are lacking, you will need someone else more. I suggest you act like someone you have to take care of yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat your child to your baby. If a child stumbles, will you be angry with him/her, no! This is so normal. Rub your back when you make a mistake. Not only to your friends but also to yourself “things like this happen”. Be kind to yourself.

5. Know where to stand

We must be careful not to pay too much attention to other people. If we show interest in the other party as much as he does not expect or want, and if we fall on him/her excessively, we get the feeling that that person is indebted to us. You spill everything you have and say come on, it’s my turn, but the other side doesn’t know. Then when you can’t see the value you give, you say you don’t deserve it.

I’m not talking about the fact that the person in front of you is not good or bad, this is the case for every situation. Let everything be mutual and step by step.

Thank you for taking the time and reading my post. If you don’t feel self-sufficient, I hope my article helps you. I wish you all the best. Also, please share with me what other characteristics you think self-sufficient people have in the comments.

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