Why your writing has no views


Do what are you passionate about and you will never feel that you are working at a job.

Writing isn’t about money, but if you want to take it really seriously and make writing your daily job you should know this: It’s not easy, you need an iron will
You need to focus on the process, not the result, and to don’t give up
You need to write with your heart

But now let’s talk about money and writing, can we make a good living with this? Can we make it here on Medium? It is our right to get paid for our work, but we know how hard is it to make good money with your passion, because passion requires time to be built, and sometimes when we are not feeling that our work is appreciated we feel like we are losing our time, but no.

How we can make it easier?

The answer is simple: by doing the HARD WORK

We can’t get our life’s easier if we are still doing the easy work, we need to do the hard work .

Dear writers, fill your cup with a lot of discipline, persistence, and patience because is a long road, but here are my best tips:
~ show up every single day, even a few minutes to engage with your writers or to respond to comments is fine if you don’t have hours to spend on writing really important to do it constantly
~ write and write and write, try to write something every day, try to give as much value as you can to your readers, and find your niche
~engage with your audience, this is one of the most important steps because only in this way the other people can discover you here and you can create a beautiful community
~don’t delete your stories \writings because they don’t have that many views, it takes time so people can discover you and your work, but remember that your writings can help someone

Don’t die with your dreams, try to give everything to bring them to reality, but life is hard and is moving fast so keep it up, it’s never too late! I hope you learned something new today and that you made a step toward your dream.

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