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Minnesota Noise rock band Asbestos Worker unleash two videos "I Hope You Get Greased" and "How Nonviolence Protects The State" from their new album "The Separation". The videos recently premiered via Decibel Magazine and the feature can be found here:

Asbestos Worker adds - "Violence shouldn't be a first resort but like a tradesman you should be able to look at all the tools at your disposal and choose the right one for the job"

Asbestos Worker(founded by Josh Stever) is a three piece noise rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota- created out of necessity from the trials and tribulations of life. Debuting in March 2019, this loud, aggressive, relatable music takes influences from grindcore, punk as well as stoner, doom and thrash. Fans of Killdozer, Hawks, Shallow North Dakota, and Pissed Jeans, will find..

Asbestos Worker is:
Josh Stever on guitar and vocals
Wade Walsh on bass and vocals
Jason Peterson on drums

Jason and Josh met in the trade and are the only actual asbestos workers in the band. Wade and Jason have been making music together for years in another project called The Vaulta stoner, doom and progg metal band from Saint Paul. Asbestos Worker has 2 full length albums and one EP as well as numerous compilation albums including “Rhino body lover: a tribute to Shallow North Dakota” where Asbestos workercovered the song “Skid Incinerator” and “I'm the boss/You're the boss” with Conan Neutron Currently Asbestos Worker is celebrating the release of their new record, "The Seperation" which comes out August 16th, 2022 on Learning Curve Records. ( ) “Working class frustrations boil over on this slab of Brain Bombs esque surf rock”

“The Seperation”

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