Be Responsible


Responsibility is a word that gets thrown a lot to emphasize the point of our obligation towards something. Becoming responsible is an exemplary value and it is no wonder that people see a responsible person as highly desirable. This is because responsibility traits in an individual indicates their capacity to take control of things and change it for the better, which show someone’s state of power to their surroundings.

So, we know that responsibility is a value that is very looked upon socially, but what’s in it for us? Why is it that we need to be responsible? Isn’t it better to just live a carefree life where we can do whatever we want, without any consequences from our obligations? Theoretically, we can escape the pain and suffering that comes from facing consequences if we do avoid responsibility, right?

That way of thinking, my friend, is a pathway to a living hell…

Irresponsibility, a Path to a Living Hell

Attractive as it may seem, irresponsibility may be one of the most self-destructive paths that we can take as a human being. Being irresponsible means consciously being blind to the things that we should be taking care of, an act of willfull blindness. By being irresponsible we “handicap” our own capacity to proactively take control of our own state of being, for the better or worse.

This thought pattern of irresponsibility can manifest itself into even more dangerous conception of self-victimizing.

When we face our lives irresponsibly, we have a tendency to look outwards for a scapegoat to justify our suffering in the present, instead of looking for our own demons within.

When that happens, we will see ourselves as the victim of this unfair and cruel world, but without the power to change it because we can only falsely look for external demons that do not even exist… Isn’t there a better description of hell?

Responsibility, a Path to Strength and Power

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