Madonna regrets her marriages


Madonna regrets her marriage to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie.

The pop superstar posted a video titled 50 Questions with Madonna on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, and in the six-minute clip, she fielded questions as she walked around the grounds of her property.

When she was asked, "What's a decision you made that looking back maybe wasn't the best idea?", Madonna candidly replied, "Getting married... both times."

Madonna was married to Oscar-winning actor Penn between 1985 and 1989 and British filmmaker Ritchie, the father of her 22-year-old son Rocco, between 2000 and 2008.

During the video, Madonna gave "sex" as the answer to several of the questions she was asked - about her greatest guilty pleasure, zodiac sign, "current favorite obsession", life mantra, and the secret to success.

Elsewhere in the Q&A session, Madonna said she is "gagging to work with Britney again" after their 2003 collaboration Me Against the Music, she would have been a schoolteacher if she didn't make it as a singer, and Like A Prayer is her favorite song to perform live.

The 64-year-old also called Rebel Heart her most stressful album to make because it had "too many guest appearances", named Die Another Day the hardest music video to shoot as she had to learn how to fence, and replied "my six amazing children" when asked for the achievement she's most proud of.

In addition to Rocco, Madonna is also mother to Lourdes, 25, David, 16, Mercy, 16, and 10-year-old twins Stelle and Estere.

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