Stop wasting Time!


Wasting time doing useless things.

If you are the type of person who spends a lot of time browsing social media, playing games and watching serials, the only advice we can give is to take life a little more seriously. It is true that mobile phones are a must-have item in today’s era and we need them to be able to do things like communicate, buy things online, etc. However, sometimes we get so engrossed in this phone that we forget all the other important things. Spending too much time on this activity has absolutely no benefit. Remember, when we chase a fake virtual world, we will lose our real life. Cell phones can be great friends but, sometimes humans are so much better. Always choose the activities you want to do in your spare time wisely. Whatever we are busy with today and do not contribute to the future, then consider re-evaluating all our daily activities and planning from scratch for a better future. So, it is very important for us to know where our real life priorities lie.

 Lack of sleep.

The importance of an ideal sleep time has been emphasized from 7–8 hours a day. Adequate sleep allows us to have a good rest, always ready and focused to handle whatever plans we have made in advance. However, sometimes people still think that sleep is just a waste of time and should be spent doing more important things. Adequate sleep indicates that we have a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are naturally used to schedules and routines so when we mess up our biological clock, our bodies need time to adapt. In addition, we will feel tired throughout the day. So, it is very important to manage our rest time optimally.

Spending time with people who have negative energy.

There will always be people with negative energy in our lives. It’s easy to find in the environment we live in and company with people who will always make us feel unhappy. It is important to identify such individuals and as much as possible to avoid them or else we will be drowned in the poison well they have created. Get in the habit of spending time with individuals who always make us better and happier, rather than those who discourage us and bring us down. Being around people who have positive energy can always reduce anxiety or bad thoughts and increase our happiness. In addition, it can lead us to do positive things, be more productive, etc., “because of the like-to-follow factor in social conformity.”

Always want to be in the comfort zone.

People like to be in their comfort zone because they are afraid of what they will find when they are out of their comfort zone. It must be nice to be in a zone that we have made such fun, but that will only deprive us of the opportunity to experience what life has to offer all the successful and rich people of us out there. All successful and rich people did not get to where they are today by feeling comfortable all the time. They will always push themselves to always seek new knowledge and knowledge to find solutions to the problems they find. Have the courage to take an action if it allows us to achieve the success we want to achieve.

Not planning for the future.

Someone who does not have future plans, of course, he will often be confused and always go with the flow wherever the current takes him. They just exist, but are not really alive. Opportunities in life are always there and can be created if you always believe in the process. We often let time pass by without doing anything meaningful. Like watching movies, playing games, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Young people usually fall victim to this. People who have plans for the future do not daydream, but they always focus on doing their job patiently and consistently to make their dreams come true.

 Spending money on things that are less important.

If we think for a moment, as long as we can meet all our primary needs, then we will be fine and can continue to live normally. The law of buying an item should not be bought when we feel able to buy it, but we feel the need to buy it. Most people buy things just because they want to be cool, contemporary, prestige, etc. without first thinking about whether they are needed. Stop spending money for no good reason.

Too much complaining.

Most people like to complain all the time. They always think that their life is unfair, they like to compare themselves with others, they don’t want to try and they don’t believe in themselves. Don’t waste our time thinking about such things. If there is anything that can be done, do it well and consistently. Even if you can’t or fail, don’t focus too much on it. Start thinking more positively and concentrate on finding the solution. That way, our lives will always feel more valuable and useful.

Not much to read and hear the positive.

Often do not read and listen to the same means that we do not do anything useful and just wasting time. Most people think that reading books, listening to useful podcasts or videos will just be a waste of time. In fact, the benefits are many, ranging from being able to make us smarter, smarter, learning from the experiences of other people’s failures and successes, stronger memory and so on. Throughout our lives we will never stop to learn new things, because learning is an endless process. By learning, we can gain more knowledge that will enable us to always develop and adapt to the challenges and changes in the world in the future.

Too trusting in the judgment of others.

Being overly concerned about what other people say about us can make us place them at one of our priorities in life. Actually there is no point like that because if we believe in the judgment of others, then indirectly we will feel the need to make them happy and try hard to please them. We will be afraid of rejection and whatever they want is always a priority. It’s okay if you want to be there because it’s actually part of human nature, but don’t let us be consumed by the judgments of others who are not sure the truth. The journey and meaning of our lives with other people must be different.

Live to always work.

We live in a society where one of the keys to success is determined by working hours. Of course we have to work to earn money but when our life is too centered on work, then we will lose all other pleasures of life like friends, family, entertainment and new experiences. Pursuing a career is one of the greatest things we will ever do in life, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. There is much more that we can do outside of work that brings joy and pleasure, such as running a hobby, going on trips, gathering with family, reading books, etc. We must always monitor the balance between life and work so that our lives are happier and more satisfying.

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