Stop wasting your mental energy


Like it or not, we have a minimal amount of mental energy that we use to get our day-to-day tasks done. If you run out or don’t start with much  it will be a challenge to stay productive.

You’re already doing things to manage your time, but are you doing anything to manage your mental energy?

If not, you’re not performing at your best.

Instead of racking your brain to cause life to happen, why not simply let it unfold itself to you? When you force things one of the two things will happen, either you’ll get a run-of-the-mill fulfillment or it’ll be a complete emotional turmoil.

If you sit and think about all your past friendships, interpersonal relationships, or partnerships, you’ll find several scenarios that pop up consistently. Human nature is to handle it a certain way yet it often results in a severe loss of your mental reserve. You have got to understand your patterns and change them in order to save yourself from losing your mental energy resulting in making you tired at the end of the day.

Habits that are percolating your mental energy:

Not having a plan 
This is closely related to decision fatigue. The more decision you have to make, the more mental energy you use. These could be big decisions like what your college major would be or the little ones like which shirt you’re going to wear. No matter the weight of the decision, it takes up energy. Seth Godin eats the same thing for breakfast every day. Mark Zuckerberg, and Barack Obama both have a very limited wardrobe. These types of habits significantly reduce the number of decisions you need to make. Therefore, try and keep an updated but manageable to-do list.

Keeping lists in your head 
Whenever you find yourself trying to remember many things, take a moment to write it all down on a piece of paper, now your mind can relax because you know you won’t forget anything important. The simple act of writing things down saves up the energy of yours you didn’t know you were wasting at the moment as well as later. If you insist on keeping all the lists in your mind, it is possible that you will forget something which causes all sorts of stress and wastes so much mental energy later, when you have to scramble to pull something together or apologize profusely for missing an event.

Over-scheduling  Many people find it easy to fill their schedules with various events. Work, family, events, social outings, fitness goals, and everything else you want to do can lead to a very full calendar. Decompression time is essential to lead a balanced life and maintain your mental energy. It’s easy to forget about it but its importance can’t be overstated. Leave slots open in your day. You could organize your task list to better prioritize.

Trying to control the uncontrollable  It is common to want to control people and situations even when it’s clearly impossible to do so and that wastes a hell lot of your energy. When you let go of those things, you will find that you have more energy to spend on the things that us within your power to change. Letting go of the desire to control usually doesn’t come from places deep inside of any human being, and you probably won’t be able to let it go overnight. Start by figuring out what you’re afraid of that causes you to need so much control, and begin to work with the idea of letting go from there.

Apart from these, not dealing with clutter, procrastinating, aiming for perfectionism, trying to multitask, not drinking enough water, not eating a healthy diet, not getting enough sleep, and putting off the things you love can also drain a lot of your mental energy. Try avoiding them in order to work more efficiently and save your mental energy for tasks that are important.

Other simple habits that help boost your mental energy levels are
Practice gratification
Practice visualization
Surround yourself with people who contribute to your well-being
Declutter your mind
Go outside, get some air daily
Meditate at least 5 times a week
Try new things, get out of your comfort zone
Excercise boundaries, learn to say no
Focus on what you can control, and work on it
Take responsibility for your emotions
Do what you’re passionate about
Be present
Stop taking everything personally
Stop managing other people’s opinion
Stop being led by your ego
Stop comparing yourself with others
Recharge yourself from time to time.

These simple yet effective practices help you have a good day, be productive, and save a lot of your mental energy.

Most of these little changes will save you a lot of your energy. Develop good habits, and you’ll find that you can significantly increase your mental energy reserves.

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