My productive morning routine.


My productive morning routine.

I was a total mess and studied whenever I felt like and did things in a very sloppy manner and as a result, I was having trouble focusing on my studies and productivity was at its worst until I came up with a routine that worked wonders for me. Well, my motto was whatever routine I follow I needed to get the majority of my things done early. My routine may not be resonating with you. Everyone is unique and everyone works according to what suits them.

My morning routine is from 4:30 AM to 10 AM.

Yeah, I am a morning person so let's begin.

1.Wake up at 4:30 Am.

My day starts exactly at 4:30 AM when my alarm goes off. You might be thinking why I wake up so early. Well, the answer is I am an early bird 🐦. I have been reading biographies of successful people and some self-help books and they seem to tell the same thing that is to wake up early.

I prefer walking up early also because I love the silence and calmness at that time. It's absolutely quiet and gives me an absolute aura to work and be productive before the hustle and bustle sets in.

2.Make myself Ready( till 4:45 AM)

After I wake up there is a whole set of activities I do to get freshen up and all this helps me have a calm mind which helps me study better.

I) Freshen up: After gazing at the walls of my room for a minute with my half-opened eyes I go to the bathroom brush my teeth, wash my face and take deep breaths.

Pro tip: Washing your face with cold water helps you feel awakened.

II) Drinking water:
Then I finally reach out to my water bottle on my bedside. You should drink a glass of water after you wake up 😴⏰ it feels good and also keeps you hydrated because your body didn't get water for hours when you were sleeping. Moreover, it helps you freshen up and helps you get over your dizziness.

III) Making my bed 🛏. Well, this is a habit that I have recently started and it's worth it. I was to keep my bed as it is and didn't even care to make it until my brother told me how important it is to make your bed. It makes you feel independent and also doing this small work gives you a small positive vibe.

IV) Meditation and Planning

The next thing that I do is meditation 🧘‍♀️. Meditation helps me calm my mind and also it's early morning so it's absolute calm and quiet. Meditation is relaxing the mind and helps you connect with yourself. In that 15 minutes of meditation, I sit quietly and just focus on my breaths and nothing!

Then it's time for planning my day. I don't use any apps but maintain a diary and write down everything I have to do on that particular day. Meditating just before planning helps me to think and plan with a clear mind.

At the end of the day, I see the list again and see how much I have been able to be productive and get the most out of the day.

It's almost 5 AM by now.

3. Exercise time till 6 AM.

Now that I am done with meditation and planning my day. I then get my running shoes and track pants and move on for having a good morning walk. The best part about morning walks is that you realise that half of the city is still sleeping and the roads are empty. Fewer vehicles, fewer commotions less pollution and everything feels so calm and quiet.

I feel good after having a walk and health is what I have prioritised for a long time.

4. Getting my table done.

After returning from the walk and getting freshened up it's time to clear my table. The mess I have created last day. Making my study space clear and getting ready to study.

5. Coffee time.

After having my table cleared and books ready for studying I make a coffee for myself. And then get down with my studies with a coffee mug in my hand.

6.Study time

Getting on to the most serious activity of my day and my life ie studying.

In the morning I usually read topics that I think is difficult to comprehend. These include anatomy, pathology and pharmacology.

Right from 6:30 to 10 AM I study with 30 minutes break in between.

So this was my morning routine. I know it may not be perfect according to many but routine for me must be productive and not perfect. As long as it is serving the purpose it's good. Make a timetable you are comfortable with and makes you happy and gets more work done.

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