9 Habits Of Highly Confident Women


1. They care less about whether a guy likes them or not.

Highly confident women know how dangerous it is to attach their worth and value to what a man thinks of them. They’re aware that affection is not conditional so they don’t have to fight for it. They know that what matters most is how they feel about themselves and not how others do.

Whereas, insecure women are mostly consumed by their desire to be liked by men they’re hitting on.

Some of the most common fears confident women don’t have are fears like fear of not being liked in return, of not being interesting enough, of not being good enough, and of not being attractive enough so they are never anxious and stressed about whether a man likes them or not even if his feelings aren’t clear enough.

This is primarily because what they think of themselves is more important than what others think of them.

That’s why they seamlessly believe they’re lovable, interesting enough, attractive, and worthy of affection as they trust that the right person will not fail to notice them.

For them, the best way to be unhappy is by counting on the reciprocity of likeness from men they like to feel happy and good about themselves.

2. They don’t give up their own interests and hobbies for that of their partners.

Highly confident women are happier in their relationships because they don’t give up things they enjoy doing when they’re single. They don’t abandon their interests and hobbies but instead, they engage, enjoy, and talk about them with their partners.

That’s because they know that one’s hobbies and interests are part of herself, identity, self-image, and self-worth.

Besides, having a separate life and identity is extremely important. Thus, highly confident women don’t shrink back from holding onto their selves, identity, self-image, and worth.

As we all know, we only got one life. And highly confident women know that it’s really a shame to lose one’s self and identity in a quest to mold one’s self into what one’s partner might like.

I know so many women who simply abandon their interests and hobbies and adopt that of their partners thinking they’ll be liked, loved, and appreciated the more.

But the truth is, no one should expect to be truly happy in such a relationship. Happiness, whether in a personal, professional, or any aspect of life, happens when you’re true to yourself instead of adopting a persona that isn’t yours simply because you want to fit in and be liked more.

3. They don’t abandon their friends for a guy.

As we all know, being in a relationship cuts down the time we spend with our pals. But highly confident women never make the mistake of abandoning their friends like they were never there in the first place.

What highly confident women also do is that they set out time to hang out with their girlfriends. They don’t expect their partners to be friends with their friends because they know that it isn’t necessary. But instead, they never let go of traditions like keeping up with mutual hobbies, occasional outings, etc.

Life itself isn’t a stable playground. Things might go bad at any point and one might end up being single again. That’s why one shouldn’t let go of people who will stand by her at such times.

Nurturing our relationships with friends who are likely to have been a part of our lives long before any lover could be, will always be the best thing to do instead of letting our relationships with them grow cold and sour.

4. They create boundaries (and respect others’.)

Highly confident women know that healthy relationships require endurance, patience, time, and compromise. But they don’t consistently endure or put up with obviously unacceptable treatments nor do they allow themselves to be pressured into doing things they don’t want to do.

With a clear boundary of what you can take and what you won’t take, you won’t be selling yourself short all in the name of being in a relationship or molding yourself into something a man might like, because if he doesn’t love and accept you the way you are, then you are better off without him.

In this current day and time, many people seriously believe they have to overly compromise, make a lot of sacrifices, and endure some kinds of obviously unacceptable treatments so their relationships can thrive.

But in the real sense, this only makes their relationships messy as they’ll keep giving up their needs for that of their partners, enduring whatever treatments they receive from their partners all in the name of love, in fact, they’ll even succumb easily to pressure from their partners to do things they don’t want to do.

That’s why highly confident women aren’t so addicted to doing such dirty jobs to keep partners interested and happy as insecure women do. In fact, they also trained themselves to accept other people’s boundaries without being offended.

5. They don’t blame themselves for the failure of their relationships.

One thing I’ve noticed is that highly confident women tend to easily move on with their lives after breakups than the majority of women. Why? Consider it yourself. When do you think it’s easier to get over a relationship breakup? The odds are great that it’s whenever you don’t punish yourself for the failure of the relationship.

While highly confident women at one time or another also go through heartbreaks, they don’t hold themselves from moving on by dwelling in unhealthy and destructive guilt feelings.

In almost every relationship failure, both parties involved must have in some ways influenced everything that happened. It can’t be entirely one person’s fault.

Highly confident women know this. They also know that if a relationship fails, the odds are high that it wasn’t meant to be, so they just move on with their lives instead of wasting a considerable amount of time reflecting, blaming, and punishing themselves over the failure of a relationship while their ex may simply move on and find another love sooner rather than later.

6. They are not arrogant or have an inflated sense of self.

If you’ve already been around some truly confident people, you’ll have realized that people enjoy being around them since:

They aren’t manipulative, they don’t have conniving personalities, they’re rather assertive than confrontational, they’re mostly positive than negative, they aren’t entitled or bratty, and they also care for the needs of others in addition to caring for theirs.

There’s hardly anyone enjoying great and satisfying relationships without having a deep feeling of self-assurance that stems from knowledge of one’s self-value and worth as opposed to having an exaggerated sense of importance and superiority over others.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been told that you’re special and unique or how much you believe that you are. What matters is that everyone is also special and unique.

So feeling entitled, being bratty, and thinking that you’re deserving of everything good way more than others, doesn’t make you a strong and confident person but an insecure person who’s simply masking his or her insecurities with such attitudes.

7. They don’t seek out validation from others to feel good about themselves.

Highly confident women know that they don’t have to always seek out feedback and encouragement from others because they wholeheartedly accept their own self-validation irrespective of whether or not they get anything positive from anyone else.

We all know that it is reasonable for one to want validation from people around her towards her ideas, choices, opinions, and achievements. But the problem is, that being dependent or relying on feedback and encouragement from others breeds anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

That’s why highly confident women aren’t addicted to hearing praise, acceptance, and acknowledgment in all aspects of life. Unlike most women who simply let their need for unending validation rule their entire life including, their choices of romantic partners, how they handle conflicts in their relationships, and how they generally behave in their relationships.

8. They are courageous enough to voice out their opinions.

High confidence is not attainable if you aren’t courageous enough to have your own voice. What differentiates highly confident women from the majority is that they never shy away from speaking up and letting their thoughts and opinions known.

Because it doesn’t make sense to always go with his opinions, as it keeps your relationship off balance and makes you reek of low self-esteem.

Relationships don’t work out well with one person’s opinions always, since it gives the relationship a one-sided direction.

On the other hand, having your opinions will make him see things from your perspective and will take your relationship to greater heights.

Being confident enough to voice out your feelings is one of the attractive qualities of a highly confident woman. And if you possess this quality, you’re certainly one.

9. They aren’t afraid to leave when things don’t feel right.

Confident women know very well that there’s literally no reason to stay in a relationship that’s obviously gone wrong.

In the same way, your fear of being single again, fear of hurting your partner, or of not being able to find someone else shouldn’t hold you back from walking out of a bad relationship.

If you ever have a gut feeling that you might want to end a relationship, that’s a good sign that something is amiss.

And if all odds are high that the relationship isn’t working anymore or was never meant to be in the first place, no matter how scary it might be, you are just better off being single than just staying in a relationship out of fear of whatsoever.

Confidence is not a coincidence. Instead, it’s something that needs to be cultivated because most of us aren’t born with it. And there are a lot of proven habits we can adopt that’ll level up our self-worth and self-value.

It doesn’t matter how many and which of the habits you choose to adopt. What matters is your decision to listen to your inner voice rather than the cruel voice of society telling you how unworthy you are.

And by being consistent, taking things slowly, baby step to baby step towards the path of confidence, and becoming a tiny little bit better each week, you’ll develop the truly confident mindset that’ll ensure success in all aspects of your life.

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