Today is the Day


Today is the day
We have arrived
In the eye of the storm

Standing on these tidal waves,
I feel your absence knocking at the door
The hints of nostalgic memory previously saved
Overshadowed by the beating heart in my core

I see the chaos around me
I hear the calm surrounding me
I feel the eruption inside of me

With clarity in my mind,
I shed my skin
And step out of this shell

I breathe in, and I breathe out
For what has been done
Can not be recovered

Leaving the past where it belongs
I step forward with an open mind
and a beating heart, both fierce and kind

I set my sights far into the distance
I set my intentions into the currents
I set my goals permanently etched into my navigation

For I know what I am here to conquer
I know the atrocities I’ve overcome
I know the end treasure I’m fighting for

Everything seems immense now
But I know
there is a greater plan

Waves are arriving
Heartrates are rising
Skies are darkening

And still
I stand here
with a calm and balanced mind

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