What you must do before the preliminary


No woman wants you to go straight to the grill, do not be fooled. She wants her time to get in the mood, to relax, and enjoy everything you can offer her. Do not rush and do not forget: He does not want trouble, he wants away.

Touch it in the right places and let go of the trivial. The erogenous zones such as the neck, the inside of the wrist, and the knees are known and their touch is predictable. What do you have to touch to get the preliminaries to another level? 

 Her hair

There are about 100,000 hairs on her head, each of which is connected to a tiny muscle in the nervous system. So you understand how stimulating the touch can be at this point of the man sleeping with her. Dare it. 

 Her fingers

The nerve endings at its extremities are many and any touch there can only upset her. At first, he may just find it ticklish but as time goes on the game will become more and more ink kinky. 

Her skin

It's probably the most complaining part of her body. You prefer to focus on her face and neck and forget how much a simple touch on her hand or belly can ignite her. So deal with her whole body and watch her tremble in your hands. 

Her mind

And before you rush to say "what nonsense he says" let me remind you that women - unlike men - are more cerebral and less carnal. So even if you are considered a master of sex, if you do not stimulate her brain, I'm sorry my friend, you are not going anywhere. Try different scenarios, different roles with her, and do not forget to talk to her during the sexual act.

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