Journey to love


Timeless cities of love and alternative idyllic destinations lift our romantic mood!

Eroticism takes off in places that seem to have been designed to evoke the feeling of lovers, in timeless cities of love. However, it also finds expression in destinations that we did not expect to see in this list, however, the romantic aura is their protagonist.


The "beauty" of Bavaria is famous for its excellent medieval architecture, the cinematic Old Town, but also its important historical sites, elements that will give you some of the best memories, but also some amazing photo snapshots!

Cinque Terre

Many are used to calling them "the colorful miracle of Italy". The absolutely romantic atmosphere in the famous Cinque Terre is felt from the very first glance at this colorful, idyllic landscape created by the five villages of the unit.

These are the villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, perched on the rocks of the Italian Riviera, with unobstructed views of the enjoyable Mediterranean Sea.


The "city of love", as we often call Paris, of course, could not be absent from this list. In the French capital one must travel with one's partner, otherwise the magic of the city loses some of its splendor.


Speaking of romantic destinations, Venice is probably the second part that comes to mind after Paris. And not unjustly, as the unique city landscape of the Italian north composes a fairytale setting, ideal for lovers.

Venice is a classic choice for the romantics, as the small canals, gondolas and aristocratic buildings with picturesque balconies elevate the senses and invigorate the emotions. For this reason, after all, the city is often chosen by couples for their honeymoon, or by those who plan the coveted wedding proposal!


A unique mosaic of many different architectural influences has shaped the current image of Budapest, a favorite destination of many and not unjustly so. In "Little Paris of Central Europe", as it is often called, the baroque is "mixed" harmoniously with the art nouveau, but also neoclassical touches, composing a setting that is unlike any other.

The thousand years of history and the atmospheric Danube compose a completely romantic atmosphere, making Budapest one of the most suitable destinations for couples.


The medieval architecture, combined with the rich nature and the clear blue waters of the Adriatic, perfectly explains why travelers are in love with the Croatian Rovini.
The heart of the city "beats" in the historic center, with the exceptional samples of traditional architecture, gathered there, testifying to its long history.


For those looking for a shorter getaway, within the borders, the Greek answer to the idyllic atmosphere is the Elati - Pertouli diptych.

Perched at 900 meters on the steep slopes of Koziakas, a short distance from the city of Trikala, Elati is exactly what its name says: Drowned in the firs. In a beautiful green natural landscape, the discovery of Elati as an ideal winter resort was a matter of time.

The elegant, traditional guesthouses, the taverns with the local flavors, but also the shops with the interesting handmade products promise to give you an atmospheric travel experience, full of peace and contact with nature.


The island complex south of Sri Lanka is one of the most idyllic destinations in the world, suitable for couples. It is no coincidence, after all, that this destination is included in the top choices of those looking for the perfect place for a honeymoon.

Most travelers choose the capital Male, which is also the most well-organized island in the complex.

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