Bonnie Tyler: "I'm a 'rock girl at heart''


Bonnie Tyler thinks she's a "rock girl at heart".

The 69-year-old singer worked with a host of talented people on her upcoming album 'The Best Is Yet To Come', but it was writer Steve Womack that understood which musical style suits her the best.

Speaking to Classic Pop magazine, she said: "Well, I'm a rock girl at heart. And Steve Womack, he just knows what suits me. He's written some of the great songs on there.

"The title track as well as 'Stuck To My Guns' and 'Call Me Thunder'. Oh my god! I love singing that song, you know, it's really powerful. It has a real Bruce Springsteen kind of full rock sound."

However, not all the songs would have been Bonnie's first choice as to when she first heard some of the tunes, she thought she would be too old to sing them.

She explained: "The very first time I heard 'Call Me Thunder', I do remember saying to David Mackay, 'I just love this song, but the lyrics are so young and passionate...' - I thought that it wouldn't suit me, but it really does.

"There's a song on there called 'I'm Only Guilty (Of Loving You)' and, oh my god, as soon as I heard that song, it reminds me of the old Stax records, it has a lot of soul in it."

The 'I Need A Hero hitmaker reunited with Mackay and bassist Kevin Dunne - who both collaborated with Bonnie on her early records - and thought it was "fate" they were bought back together.

She added: "It's fate really that we got back together. And you know what, it's not all about work. At the end of the day, David's wife cooks a lovely dinner and we have beautiful Champagne and wine. It's fun!"


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