How to Overcome Mental Illness?


Mental illness is a grave threat to humankind. There are increased cases of mental illness resulting in suicides globally. 

Anxiety, depression, personality disorders, trauma disorders, mood disorders, and schizophrenia are some types of mental illness. Some of the symptoms of mental health include staying away from friends and family, thinking about unpleasant past repeatedly, excessively concerned about the future, being desperate, detaching from society, being confused, being unable to focus on tasks, feeling loneliness, displaying negative symptoms, hearing voices, experiencing delusions, sleeping too much or too little, and thinking about committing suicide.

There are several reasons for mental illness. Currently, people are connected more virtually than physically due to technology. Technology is a double-edged sword with merits and demerits. The merits include improved lifestyle and accessibility to information and converting this world into a small village. The demerits include isolation, separation, and health hazards. People are exposed to social media. They often compare with others without understanding others’ challenges leading to depression. They enter into an imaginative world. When their dreams don’t materialize, they begin to get into depression.

There must be more emphasis on physical connection than virtual connection. People must connect with their kith and kin often despite their differences to overcome the challenges arising from technology. There must be empathy. People must emphasize healthy relationships. They must participate in community meetings and non-profits. They must add value to others to build better communities and societies globally. Succinctly, they must channel their energies and resources creatively, constructively, and productively.

Here are some tips to overcome your mental health issues. Don’t feel shy to open up yourself. Talk to your reliable friends to share your inner emotions and feelings. Eat well and exercise regularly to build your energy levels. Do meditation or yoga. Engage your mind effectively to lead your life mindfully. Read good books. Avoid toxic relationships. Emphasize healthy relationships. If you cannot connect with others physically, have pets that help you connect emotionally. Surround with positive and healthy people. Listen to soft music. Travel to unwind. Have sex regularly. Be adaptable. Embrace uncertainty. Look at the door that is opened. Have an attitude of gratitude. Express your gratitude to God everyday morning for gifting one more day to live and serve others. Consult the doctor if you feel that you are unable to control the mental illness. Remember that one in four in the world has mental health issues.

Mental illness is worse than coronavirus because it kills people silently and regularly. Remember that life is short and cutting it shorter by committing suicide is deplorable.

Mental illness is a medical problem, just like any other disease. So, don’t treat it as a stigma. When you are mentally, physically, and emotionally well, you will be able to lead a happy and peaceful life. Your overall health starts from your mental health. So, emphasize mental health to keep your mind and body fit to achieve happiness and success in all spheres of your life.


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