Best Places to Visit Near Vienna


Living in the capital of Austria may be difficult due to the cold weather, but it is also a great advantage in many aspects. The city is centered on Europe’s map allowing easy access to most parts of Europe. Vienna is also a touristic city for its unique architecture. The tradition the city and the whole area of Central Europe hold, regarding chocolate is also a plus.

You see even though cocoa grows mainly in Latin America, in the past, the countries of that area used to have agreements with the producers over Latin America to always be provided with the best quality of cocoa to their counties. Some of these deals still hold place and they have ended up creating a tradition of the whole area when it comes to chocolate.

The reality is that from sandwiches, beer, chocolate, and baroque style, Vienna is a terrific place. Trips to this city are not usually associated with exploring nature, apart from some ski resorts maybe. What people enjoy the most is staying in the city or visiting other magnificent cities that are close. Today we have collected some of the highlights you can turn into if you are close to Vienna.

As mentioned Austria is a quite centric city and it has borders with many other European countries. One of them is Slovenia and the beautiful capital city of Bratislava is only an hour’s drive from Vienna. Being in Bratislava will give you the opportunity to escape the architectural scenery of Austria and admire the neo-Renaissance style. As in most cases, the best place to see that is the Old Town. Palaces and expensive properties are located inside the city, making it easier for you to have a concrete experience.

Crossing another border across Vienna you will find the lovely city of Budapest. The city is the capital of Hungary and is a bit further compared to Bratislava. However, it is definitely worth a visit since it hosts some of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Among others, there is Mattias Church and Vajdahunyad Castle. The city is practically divided into Buda and Pest that have the river of Danube as a physical border. The river is calm and wide adding a sense of peace to the whole city.

If you are in Vienna, we assume you don’t want to miss the chance to go to the birthplace of Mozart. The city belongs to Austria and it holds a lot of excitement to its visitors. Salsburg is actually a castle located in the Alps mountains only three hours from the capital of Austria. It is ideal for a picnic, although it has a lot of fancy restaurants for those who prefer luxury. The Old Town is also considered to be a World Heritage and the whole place provides a peaceful location to relax.

Moving across Austria’s borders again we encourage you to pay a visit to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Again the Old Town steals the thunder. Another must-see is the Old Royal Palace.

Thankfully Prague is only 190 miles from Vienna. However, it is a large city and it honestly has a lot to see. Maybe you want to think about the possibility of booking a guided tour or even spend the night to be more carefree when it comes to time management. Prague is a very lively place and it is a real pleasure to walk through the city. Most tourists want to go one more time because the city always creates the sense that you have missed some of its most interesting attractions.

Since we mainly proposed city destinations, we will add another one to the list. This one is very interesting because it has a completely different architecture and wandering around its streets will not remind you of anything of the previous cities. The place is actually a village and it is only 12 miles from Vienna.

It is ideal if you even have only half the day off. The houses remind us of Switzerland with their stiff roofs and their plane architecture is pleasantly located in the nearby forest. The village is super-calm, but it also has a nice variety of luxury restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine.


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