Best Colleges To Study Medicine in Austria


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The Medical University of Vienna was earlier a part of the University of Vienna until it became independent in 2004. The school of medicine is a part of the famed institute for a long time now, since 1365. Such is the academic excellence of the institute that it is counted among the top 50 colleges for studying medicine all across the world. The overall duration of the medical degree program is six years which includes both theory and practicals. Apart from that students can also participate in a 48-week clinical internship program which will surely help you get forge ahead in the career.

This is yet another top-rated organization of Austria. The school of Osteopathy is located in the capital city of Vienna and is known as one of the best private schools for studying the field. Interested candidates who need a master's degree in Osteopathy can surely keep the institute on their checklist. From partnering with Danube University to having an affiliate teaching hospital the college has everything to provide students global exposure. All courses taught in the college are exclusively in German and thus is best for students who know the language very well.

Ranking third on our list is the Medical University of Graz. The institute was earlier a part of Karl and Franz University of Graz, but since 2004 it has been functioning as an independent school of education. One of the prime aspects of the institute is that it has Nobel Prize winners as alumni namely Fritz Pregel and Julius Wagner. The medicine program at the institute is known as Human Medicine and is taught in German. Other fields of study include dentistry and pharmacy along with a wide range of specific research at masters and doctorate levels.

It is yet another highly popular institute to study medicine in Austria. Located in both Salsburg and Nuremberg, the school of education focuses on teaching and patient care simultaneously. From research programs, pharmacy, and nursing science, the private university is known for its diverse curriculum. For all candidates who wish to forge ahead in the field of general medicine, Paracelsus University is the best option for them. With international collaborative programs with the University of Harvard, Cambridge, and Milan the college promises global exposure to one and all.

The medical university of Innsbruck is also counted among the top institutes in the country. While the original university was established in 1562, the school of medicine commenced in the year 1769. There are over 3,000 students who take part in the curriculum annually along with getting exposed to research and training. Located in the Tyrol region, the institute is a perfect amalgamation of culture and education. The whole area is encapsulated by breathtaking alps and thus is known for skiing and hiking activity, making it one of the best in Austria.


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