Ozzy Osbourne is working on a new album


The 71-year-old star has revealed he's already working on a follow-up record to 'Ordinary Man', which he released back in February.

Ozzy said: "I'm doing another record right now. I just started to work with Andrew (Watt) again.

"It's what gets me up in the morning, and it's what I'm here to do."

The music icon was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in February last year, and he's credited with making his most-recent album with saving his life.

Ozzy told Radio.com: "It saved my life, doing that last album.

"(It's better than) sitting on my a** all day waiting for the f****** pandemic to be over. And then you go, 'Oh, yeah, I am a rock and roller. I'd better do an album.'

"You've got all the f****** time in the world to make the best album possible."

Despite his recent health troubles, Ozzy has insisted he doesn't have any plans to retire from the music business.
He said: "You know the time when I will retire? When I can hear them nail a lid on my box. And then I'll f****** do an encore. I'm the Prince Of Darkness."

Ozzy is also thrilled that his fans still enjoy seeing him perform.

The music icon - who rose to fame as the lead singer of Black Sabbath - explained: "It is the best love affair of my life. The party is on, man. I feel honored people still want to see me."

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