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We live in a competitive marketing scenario, where emerging trends and technology are a part and parcel of our lives. In this ever-changing space, Digital marketing is something that is making waves due to the technological advances associated with it. But did you know that a digital marketing certification can help boost your career profile in many ways? How? Let 's find out!

Digital marketing is nothing but the way in which emerging technology can be inculcated with recent trends to stay ahead of the curve. There is also another reason why digital marketing courses are the need of the hour.

The various courses pertaining to the digital marketing sphere help you crave your niche easily. Therefore, to stay ahead of the cutthroat competition it is better to pursue some of the best digital marketing courses available today that will not only boost your profile but also help you to land a job in some of the top-league companies.

Social Marketing Certification by Hootsuite: Social media is a very powerful tool in use today which has touched and changed the lives of millions. But amidst this vast fan following social media is also on the cusp of saturation. Blame it on the number of users getting added to the platforms every second, or due to the number of businesses using the space, either way, traffic on social media does not seem to stop. This is where the Hootsuite social marketing certification comes into play. The course tests your ability as a pro-social marketer and is divided into three levels that are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. With an online exam that consists of 60 questions, the certification boosts up your social media expertise in every way.

Content Marketing Certification by Hubspot: We have been hearing it time and again that “Content is the king”. This strategy not only applies in the digital marketing arena but also remains as the core area of every digital thing. This is why the Content Marketing Certification from Hubspot is deemed as one of the best today. The certification gives an overview of how to become an effective content marketer and propel your career ahead by completing free certification from the highly acclaimed site. The total duration of the course is of 4 hours and with the completion of the course, you will be able to add industry-recognized badges to the Linkedin profile.

Youtube Certification: This particular certification from Youtube is yet another course that can prove helpful in your digital marketing journey. Today is the time when online marketing has seen a meteoric rise. It is mostly due to the fact that more than 80% of users today make use of the online medium for all their work. Another fact which favors the Youtube certification course is that half of the population residing in the world today, are inclined towards the Youtube search. The Youtube certification course is blessed with programs like Content Ownership, Channel Growth, and Asset Monetization which will help you get in-depth knowledge about the digital marketing space as a whole.

Blueprint Certification by Facebook: Facebook is not only the most used social media platform today but also has a user base of more than 3 billion which people use to drive engagement. Therefore, if you really want to give a huge push to your digital marketing career then the Blueprint Certification course by the social-media giant Facebook is the best for you. With two-certifications and a fee of $150 each, the certificate will surely give a boost to your career in more than one way.

Google Ads Marketing Certification: Now this is one of the most familiar courses available in the digital marketing arena today. Provided the largest conglomerate in the world, the digital marketing certification course touches on all the important aspects of the Google Ad Campaigns. For a candidate to pass the program he/she must score above 80%. The course also includes various concepts that are helpful in providing a quicker ROI for your business. With the completion of this course, a candidate can surely become a pro in the social media, digital marketing arena thus prompting a lot of benefit to the entire career trajectory.

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