Noel Gallagher during lockdown

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The 52-year-old rock legend decided to decorate his two sons' bedroom doors with hundreds of stickers to create four "pop art" pieces after being inspired to do so whilst flicking through the pages of their numerous sticker books.

Noel - who lives with his wife Sara MacDonald and their boys Donovan, 12, and nine-year-old Sonny - admits the project started off as a joint effort but he soon took over after becoming obsessed with his vision as the family isolates at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Matt Morgan's Funny How? podcast, the 'Wonderwall' songwriter said: "I've been doing a bit of art. It's amazing, I've decorated the kids' bedroom doors. It's pop art, baby. If we ever leave this house those bedroom doors are coming, I'm not even joking.

"It started off by me saying to the kids shall we do something with these bedroom doors, after about 15 minutes I took over and was like, 'F**k off whilst I finish this.' I was using stickers, I had hundreds, the kids seem to have millions of sticker books, I was flicking through and I thought, 'F***ing hell let's do it.' Then I had to varnish them because they started to peel off so I had found myself buying paintbrushes and varnish and standing on a tiny little stepladder varnishing the kids' bedroom door whilst they're thinking, 'He's definitely lost the plot.' I was wearing a paint-spattered apron and when I turned around you could see the cheeks of my arse."

The four pieces took him a "couple of days" to complete and he admits it is the first time he has indulged his artistic side in that way since he was at school.

The former Oasis guitarist explained: "The whole project took me a couple of days and they were great days. I haven't done anything like that since I was at school, I was good at art. When I die they will be worth hundreds of pounds."

Noel shared a selection of photos of his art with his friend and podcast host Matt - who has been a frequent co-host on Russell Brand's radio shows - who posted them onto his own Instagram account (@mattunderscoremorgan).
Alongside the images, he wrote: "Who did these pop-art decoupage walls of wonder? (That was a clue) Only Noel Banksy Gallagher @themightyi check out this week's podcast (sic)"

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