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Emotional influence happens every day; it’s called “marketing”. We are all guilty of “self-marketing” when we ensue into heavy persuasion. We understand boundaries and understand that healthy persuasion happens over time, or, can be immediate if we are able to understand the core root of the person’s needs. We need to influence in such a way that the recipient of this guidance wants to engage immediately. It is essential to discern when you’re being “sold” so you can avoid making costly mistakes when purchasing or aligning with a service. An emotional response is OK, just ensure it was a “thoughtful” and emotional response.

 1. The marketing influencer will cause you to have concern over a problem they believe you should avoid or resolve. 
The marketing influencer is a master of introducing responsibility.
They skillfully and in a detailed fashion, will introduce you to responsibility for taking charge of a problem and how to avoid or resolve it.
No matter what responsibility it is that has been introduced for your consideration (i.e. creating a “problem” that you didn’t even think was a “problem”) the marketing influencer will entice you to feel like you could and should resolve this.

 2. The Marketing Influencer is always the beneficiary of your consideration.
They will ensure you are continuously engaged in resolving or avoiding the problem.

 3. The marketing influencer is careful to align the intention of the product or service to just short of what they are saying about it.
Marketing Influencers are masters of language.
The promises and deliverables expected are devised to give you a sense of trust and security so you will make a purchase.
Once they have convinced you to make the purchase, YOU will be responsible for all the promises and deliverables occurring; they have done their job and are moving on to the next opportunity.

 4. Marketing Influencers will provide a “version” of the truth.
The marketing influencer is will weave together a series of truths that serve one purpose and one purpose only: you purchase the product or service. These “truths” do not have to be accurate; they need to resonate.
They ensure not to cross the line; they stay very close to the border of real truth and their version.

5. Marketing Influencers are experts in gaining the empathy of their target audience.
Marketing influencers are always one step ahead of their target audience.
They ensure whatever problem they have introduced is at the ultimate level of this type of problem.
They understand compassion and empathy are powerful attributes their target audience is ready and willing to use to demonstrate their alignment to the product or service. i.e. Why they will be the “best customer”.

 6. Marketing Influencers position the product or service as a “good deal” or a “high-value” for the money.
This tactic is an essential tool in the marketing influencers' arsenal.
They will position the product and or service with the price so you will “get the deal” or lead-in with the “freebie” which brings you to the “high-value” item; this is what they want you to purchase.
The set-up is, “normally this is XX dollars but because you are here today, then the price is XX”.
They will lead you in with a freebie. At the end of the freebie, you are set-up to get the “special price”.
They make their target audience feel very good about getting what they wanted in the first place: For you to buy the product or service for the “special price” because that’s the true price. If you do some research, the product or service is not offered anywhere for “full-retail”.

 7. Marketing Influencers are experts in making you trust yourself and your decision.
Marketing influencers are very adept at making you trust you. This “trust” has nothing to do with them. It only has to do with you trusting yourself that your purchasing decision was sound, justified, and warranted.
The way they have accomplished this is by giving you just enough information where you believe you have made a good and well-informed buying decision.
You are now in the position of making this purchase “work” because you trust your own fortitude and intelligence.

Marketing influencers are instrumental in making brands and messaging available and successful. They are never difficult to spot because when they are doing their job correctly you are buying on a consistent basis. Always remember that everything you know, believe to be true, your personal value and you're worth has been guided in some way by a marketing influencer; The greatest one of all being The Universe.

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