Expensive Travel Destinations In The World

Traveling is the best kind of therapy. There is nothing that a new place cannot cure. All that you need is a road beneath your feet and an inviting view ahead. But alas! Only if all places were such! Some of the most beloved tourist destinations are well out of reach of the common man.

Yet they do make for some very interesting read. You might already know some of these names we are going to talk about here. But some are going to surprise you! To get to know the 10 most expensive travel destinations in the world, read on.

Tokyo, Japan

Providing the best of both worlds, the ancient mixed with modern amenities, Tokyo is a fine example of how the past and the future can coexist in perfect harmony. From gourmet meals to a nightlife that won’t let you sleep, the city has it all.
To top it off, the cab rides and hotel nights are so expensive than even the wealthiest of tourists will think twice before going all out in the streets of Tokyo. Even in the face of a weakening Yen, the cost of living in the city refuses to come down.

Cancun, Mexico

Although Mexico is not an expensive place in itself, the white sand beaches of Cancun and the active nightlife of the city have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Apart from that, the coastline also has historic ruins to attract visitors from all over the world.
As a lot many businesses have built along with the tourist industry, the cost of living in the city continues to rise. From a small distance taxi ride to a good night’s sleep, these are going to be some of your major expenses in this city.

Copenhagen, Denmark

For a city that is both hyper-modern and reminiscent of old times, Copenhagen can be toured on both, a light and a hefty wallet. Going with one or the other will mean that you get to experience a completely different side of the city. From the Michelin starred restaurants to the expensive malls, you are going to find everything throughout the city.

London, England

London, the capital of the United Kingdom that once ruled the world continues to be one of the most expensive places to be in. As with all major cities, transportation and travel are the two major expenses in this city. The pound has increased in value and towers over the dollar.
The recent few years have added to the charm of the city. From the London Olympics to recent international conventions, the city has gained international attention with every passing day. All these factors are responsible for pushing up the cost of tourism.

Sydney, Australia

Not only within the city, but you will find traveling to Sydney expensive too. Once famous for its beer-loving citizens, you will now find beers pointing upwards of $10 each. The best way to cover the entire city will be by bus or on a bicycle. Any other alternative is going to cost you an arm and a leg.
In the recent few years, the government has pushed for currency reforms which have in turn raised the minimum wage in the country. And today, the whole city has become a hub for industries and MNCs.

Paris, France

The world’s capital of love, PARIS is hard to imagine that artists once perished in its streets for want of money. Today, it is the place to go for newlyweds from all over the world. Staying at a decent hotel can cost you anything from $360 to $550.
There are two reasons why it is so. The first is that Paris is a major economic hub of the present century and the second is that tourism is growing by the year and so is the hospitality industry. In the face of such huge demand, rising prices are not a major issue for this industry.

New York City, USA

At a daily cost of more than $550 per night, New York City NYC is one of the most expensive places on this list. And the figure that you just read, that is only food, stay and a cab ride. If you have the desire to explore the city any further, it is going to cost you your soul (a running joke in the city).
Being a truly international city, you are going to find people from all over the world here: you are going to find the top 10% of tourists from all over the world. Being over-the-top expensive means that surviving in this city is an adventure on its own.

Stockholm, Sweden

It is a European nation that has its currency, meaning that it is really expensive. The hundreds of museums here do form a part of the city’s charm but they are not the only ones. The vast waterfront and the mesmerizing stonework architecture lure travelers from all over the world to the place.
Being one of the most beautiful Scandinavian getaways, it will cost you dearly to spend an entire week here. The best way would be to plan a short trip to the place in the offseason when the rates are not sky-high.

Zurich, Switzerland

The main attractions, the Alps and Lake Zurich, they make any amount of money spent in the city look worthwhile. But do not let the charm of the mountains carry you away. Even if you shun all outdoor activities (which would defeat the purpose of the holiday) you would have to pay upwards of $300 per day.
Stay and dining in the city is expensive by all standards. Owing to the presence of tourists all around the year, there is no offseason in the city for you to take advantage of. It is equally expensive in summers and winters.

Zurich city in Switzerland

Oslo, Norway

Being another Scandinavian beauty, it attracts millions of tourists each year which brings in a quite hefty amount of money. But that is not the only source of GDP for the people here. Norway is an oil-rich country. The average GDP per person is high enough to rival Qatar.

This makes living in the city expensive. You will have to either seriously compromise on your standards or shell out some major amount of money. If you plan on visiting this place, remember to pack blank cheques too!


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