Tips for a good health

With a few lifestyle changes, you can make significant strides in maintaining a healthy heart.

1. Commit to Cooking
After a full day of school drop-offs, meetings and errands, a quick stop for takeout or a frozen meal are often the go-to. This month, take the opportunity to reset your family’s eating habits and make balanced home-cooked meals the norm.

2. Talk About Food Choices
Making healthy eating part of your family’s ongoing dialogue will help kids understand and embrace smarter choices. Get their input on the weekly meal plan, invite them to go grocery shopping, and include them in dinner prep so they see what goes into a balanced meal. 

3. Keep Moving
Physical activity is key to a healthy heart at any age. When you find yourself sitting on the sofa scrolling through emails or social media to pass time, set a good example by getting your family up and out of the house. A quick walk, trip to the park, or game of tag will make you and the kids feel great.

4. Treat Them Right
Maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle doesn’t always mean denying every craving. In fact, some indulgences—including dark chocolate—are believed to have some health benefits. Next time your family craves something sweet, treat them to Balance Bars. Favorite flavors like Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtle and Dark Chocolate Crunch will satisfy their sweet tooth and provide a boost of energy and nutrition.

5. Stay Balanced
With packed schedules and stressful days, it’s easy to push self-care aside. Make time for exercise, enjoy your favorite past times, and relish in a little R&R when you need it. A balanced lifestyle is a key to your overall health and well-being.

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