Noel Gallagher remembers George Michael.

Noel Gallagher has shared his last memory of George Michael.

The former Oasis rocker has opened up about the last encounter he had with the Careless Whisper singer, who sadly passed away on Christmas Day 2016.

In a special interview with Matt Morgan, when asked what the last thing George Michael ever said to him was, the Wandering Star singer replied: "I was at a party at his house one night, and there was a lot of stuff going on in the back garden, and we were in this room with a DJ playing.

"There were a few of us in there and for some reason, everybody kind of... one by one... left, and I was left behind this big fucking oak door."

He continued: "And I was just about to leave and George came in. He didn't see me. I was behind the door and he came in because someone was playing one of his tunes... and George came in dancing like George Michael."

He concluded: "The last thing he would have said to me was, 'See you later mate'".

Asked if he felt sad about losing the singer, he said: "Yes, he was a good guy. He was a good guy.

"Actually on the day that he died, we were on holiday and [my wife] - Sara is a HUGE fan. When push comes to shove, he - is for her - 'it' and she wept uncontrollably all day.

"She was fucking in a mess."

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