Final Fantasy VII Remake

The first chapter launches on March 3, 2020

Square Enix has shared new screenshots and additional details regarding its upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. The highly anticipated reimagining of the 1997 fan favorite will be spread out over multiple releases with the first landing early next year.

The first chapter of the game will take place in Midgar. The development team put a considerable amount of time and effort into creating a rich depiction of Midgar which, in turn, prompted them to reimagine some of the characters that live there. As a result, the daily lives of familiar faces like Cloud and Tifa are now portrayed in a more in-depth manner.

Speaking of characters, there will also be some new faces in Midgar. As director and concept designer Tetsuya Nomura notes, you’ll encounter some new
 bosses along the way that’ll add to the excitement of the story.

Square Enix also highlighted another new Summon – Chocobo, and Moogle. This “dynamic duo” can deliver a multi-faceted attack consisting of an energy blast and a stampede to trample foes. As the developer notes, “it’s adorable… although probably not for those on the receiving end.”

Final Fantasy VII is also littered with side activities and mini-games for when you need a break from the main story. Perhaps you fancy a game of darts in Seventh Heaven? Or maybe a motorcycle chase is more your cup of tea? You’ll be able to experience both – and presumably much more – once the game drops on PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

Those interested in pre-ordering the title can secure the standard version for $59.99 or lock down the Deluxe Edition for $79.99 from the Square Enix Store. There’s also a 1st Class Edition for the serious collector/hardcore fan that commands $329.99.

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