George Michael didn't want to live towards the end of his life and that's what made it easy for him to slip away, according to pal Elton John.

In a revealing new interview with Sharon Osbourne, the rocker admits he tried to convince the Faith singer to turn his back on his wild ways and seek help - but he wasn't interested.

"He resented the fact that I'd hinted that maybe if he changed his life a little bit he'd be happier...," Elton says. "The person has to want it... Poor George didn't want it.

"I remember talking to you the day he died - on Christmas Day - and I phoned you and I was in Aspen, and Ozzy got on the phone and said, 'He didn't want to be here!' And I thought, 'Well, that's the most succinct, apt thing'."

Elton claims George was uncomfortable "in his skin" about being gay.

But Elton's sobriety advice, after he turned his own life around following years of drug abuse, did rub off on designer pal Donatella Versace, however.

"Donatella came to a concert and we knew she had a problem... and she was in a terrible state," he tells Sharon. "I said, 'She's ready! She's come here and she's crying', but it was a cry for help. And I said, 'Let's do it...'

"She's sitting there in a $100,000 ballgown and she resisted slightly (but) she went (to rehab). It was very funny. She said, 'I will come but I don't want any oily food...' She's been sober ever since."

Elton's chat with Sharon aired on Wednesday's (23Oct19) episode of her U.S. show The Talk.

George died on Christmas Day, 2016.

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