Unfortunately, various studies have shown from time to time that eroticism between two partners begins to slowly disappear and the appetite for sex decreases when they have been together for many years. Specifically, when the couple moves on to the next stage, that of cohabitation, things become difficult for both of them, as they cease to have personal space and time, with the result that quarrels are a common phenomenon.

According to a recent study by Israeli and American researchers on the secrets of a good sex life, published in the 'Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the scientists came to very specific conclusions. Those couples, even though they were together for years, kept the spark alive between them, which means that they had found the secret recipe. And who is she? That they know how to put a brake on their intimacy.

Scientists point out to couples that they should not forget that, above all, they are sexual partners and not close friends. Excessive intimacy only harms sexual desire, as in this way the magic in the relationship is lost and the erotic atmosphere disappears.

When men and women begin to feel familiar with the other half, they are usually less interested in their appearance. In addition, they believe that there is no reason to try to impress their partner at every opportunity, as they did for the first time in their relationship. Something that can clearly ruin their sex life.

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